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Interior design is all about meeting your expectations and providing an opulent experience for your day-to-day living. At Fine & Estates, we have the top interior designers in UK to provide that true luxury you deserve in your lifestyle.

How it works

Purchase your design

Choose whichever design package best suits to your needs, budget and desires of your space. And if need help in selecting we are here to help just call.

Share your vision

Send us details in the form of photos or videos of your space, existing furniture you’d like to keep, any designs you already like, and measurements of your space so that we can create an accurate layout.

Collaborate Online

Have a video/phone call with one of our interior designers to go through your needs in more detail. Shortly afterward you will receive mood boards, color schemes and furniture proposals ready for your approval.

It's all in the detail

Once you are happy with the designs and have approved them, you will then receive (depending upon your purchase) a 2D or 3D visual of your design for final approval.

Shopping time

We create a shopping list of all the items you have confirmed and share direct links to your chosen items. and since we have access to trading accounts, discounts are often available for you to use if you order with us.

Luxurious Interior Designs

Get the interior transformation through spatial design
Our interior designer in United Kingdom is accustomed to giving a design experience that suits your lifestyle while considering the basic elements like space, light, and shapes of interior areas. By considering all the factors we create designs that work according to the client’s expectations, while providing elegance and timelessness to the interiors.

Our Design Philosophy

At Fine & Estates LTD. We believe it’s truly essential to tailor an optimal experience where the client’s character can match with the designs along with matching their values and personal taste. We believe in deep discussions for all the aspects the client can believe in, and give them a design that meets their real expectations and their individuality. As one of the best interior design company in UK, we believe in providing a design that’s filled with elegance and timelessness.


The Concept includes all the design sketches plus mood boards that can capture the true design scheme. As top interior design companies UK, we introduce fabrics and materials for selections and design schemes.


This stage brings all the designs together. With careful crafts & schedules we develop elements of the finalising process. This is a detailed step by step process.


The procurement of artwork, furniture etc. according to individual design taste and collaborating with the design team for suggestions and assistance for the tenders.


The process of bringing design to life. Highest level of craftsmanship to provide the most desired results. Once complete, every accessory is placed till the small details as much as flowers.


Deep Experience in Interior Design.


Have the best Interior designers.

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We want to invite you to make contact with our Commercial Interior Designers UK to fully collaborate and make the concept of living in a luxurious and modern-styled interior space a reality today!

3D Design

We specialize in transforming interior design concepts into stunning visual realities through 3D design. Our skilled team uses cutting-edge software to create intricate virtual models that accurately capture the essence of your vision. Whether it’s residential or commercial, our 3D designs provide a detailed preview of the final look, so that you are sure about your decisions before implementation. From furniture placement to lighting effects, our 3D designs offer a comprehensive view that ensures a seamless and successful design process.

CGI Design

We elevate your interior spaces with our advanced CGI design services. Our team utilizes Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) to craft hyper-realistic representations of interior spaces. From exquisite textures to lifelike lighting, our CGI designs offer an unparalleled level of detail. So whether you’re conceptualizing a luxurious home or a sophisticated office environment, our CGI visuals provide an immersive experience that allows you to visualize the details of every corner. With Fine and States’ CGI design, your interior dreams come to life in astonishingly accurate digital form, guiding the path to your dream space.

Our Recent Portfolio

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Classic Package

£ 599 One Room Space
  • One room Space design
  • 1:1 time with your designer, on your choice of video call, phone call & Personal meeting.
  • furniture layout plan And
  • Up to 2 revisions

Deluxe Package

£ 1699 One Project
  • One project design and
  • 1:1 time with your designer, on your choice of video call, phone call & Personal meeting.
  • Moodboard provided to illustrate as your concept furniture layout plan of your unique space planning & lighting
  • Up to 3 revisions

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